I shape user experiences and make products work My name is Jasper den Ouden. I’m an interaction designer and co-founder of Strakzat. I design digital products and meaningful interfaces from Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

About me

As a UX Designer I tend to solve problems. I take both users and businesses under my wings, making sure all needs and wants are catered for. I research the context of the problem and translate my findings in result-driven digital solutions.

I live in a small town close to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. I went to design school in Rotterdam (Communication & Multimedia Design) and graduated from it in 2014. Directly after that, I started Strakzat with a fellow class mate and kept on going ever since.
At Strakzat I’m responsible for making sure our clients are happy and get their products in time. I map out the needs & wants for users and businesses we work with and make sure the products we build meet the goals our team set up.

When I take a small break from this world of design, I spend my time playing board and video games, reading books, writing, watching tons of movies & TV series and drink special beers in distant countries.